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Michelle O'Gorman

Michelle O’ Gorman is a Wexford native and a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity. She offers therapy for those struggling with food, body image and weight issues, including over-eating, anorexia, bulimia, disordered eating and obesity. She has a unique insight into eating disorders, having firsthand experience, and her own journey brought her on the passionate road to helping others.

She has over 13 years working in the area of eating disorders in a holistic setting and is a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders, a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention.

Michelle works with people of all ages from all walks of life. She helps them to gain freedom on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level with their eating patterns and turns destructive behaviour around. Michelle brings to each session her own experience of recovery and much more

Michelle O’ Gorman
Specialist in Eating Disorders & Weight Management

Mobile: 086 020 5172