Project Description

Martina Coleman

I am a Reflexologist with a focus on pregnancy reflexology, I am also a Reiki Master, I practice Integrated Energy Therapy & Rahanni Celestial Healing. I have also trained & qualified in a number of other therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Thought Field Therapy and Ferris Wheel Therapy.

My passion is people – it always has been. >From a very early age – all I ever wanted was to help people find the best in themselves, to believe in themselves and grow in confidence so they can be the best and happiest they can be.

In all of my treatments, I bring together my other skills and experience to each session in order to help each of my clients to grow in confidence and self-belief as well as the physical, emotional and mental healing. My style is a very relaxed and informal, with the aim of putting my clients at ease so they can fully relax into each treatment allowing them to get as much as they can from each session.

All of my treatments are 45mins to 1 hour in duration and I am happy to be flexible as I offer only evening and weekend appointments.

I have also created a six session introduction to wellness programme which has been really well received and brings a lot of my experience from different areas together in an easy, relaxed and fun style: it introduced energy work, mindfulness, CBT and personal wellbeing. This programme can be tailored to suit any workplace, group or setting and can be run over a six week period or over a one day full workshop.

About me  – I am from Donegal and have lived in Wexford for a decade. My own healing journey started from learning Reiki. Energy healing and crystal work. When I started to see the benefits, it was having for me on my own healing. It is an on-going journey that I am still on, one that includes taking classes, meditating and reading everything I can get my hands on  – for myself and also to bring as much as I can to each healing session/treatment I do.  I am so passionate about well-being, both mental & physical and given my background in CBT and NLP I bring those skills to each treatment as I strongly believe in how much an impact our language and our thoughts have on our physical and emotional wellbeing as much as our energetic wellbeing.

I took a career break from retail banking in 2008 so I could train as a social care worker, with most of my experience during my degree focusing on working with young people. I returned to my full time employment in 2012 but I have continued working with young people to the present time – mentoring, coaching, encouraging and helping them discover their own innate sense of self belief. When I finished my degree I then went on to study and complete a Masters in CBT and I have spent time working as a CBT therapist. I also spent several years volunteering with different mental health and support organisations supporting those suffering from mental ill health, depression and suicidal feelings.

Therapies – Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy.

I look forward to working with you – please feel free to contact me via Facebook – under my Seanog Wellness page, by email to or by phone on 083-8337815.

Telephone 083 8337815

Appointments available at Gorey, County Wexford or Castlebridge, County Wexford