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Lynn Kelly

Wexford BioMagnetics • Biomagnetism

According to Biomagnetism, a large number of illnesses and complex diseases are associated withy fundamental alterations in the Ph levels within the body. BioMagnetic Therapy aims to identify these imbalances and re-establish the acid- alkaline balance which in turn helps to correct imbalances by creating an uninhabitable environment for pathogens within a balanced Ph environment. Proper magnetic fields are able to penetrate the body increasing cellular metabolic and immune functions.

Every cell in our body has a negative charge on the outside and a positive charge on the inside. This allows for electrical signaling to move throughout the body very quickly and effectively. When a region of the body is injured of inflamed it causes a lack of blood flow. This reduces oxygen and nutrients into the region which causes a lack of polarity and disrupts the natural electrical currents in the body.

Magnets also work by improving and speeding up circulation and to an injury or damaged region, improving oxygen and nutrient absorption into targeted cells. Magnetic energy is considered a catalyst which speeds up biological processes and enables the body to reduce inflammation and heal itself.

Benefits of BioMagnetic Therapy:

Autoimmune disorders

Cardiovascular conditions

Dermatological diseases Fungal and viral infections

Gastrointestinal problems

Genitourinary problems

Glandular dysfunctions

Gynaecological disorders

Hepatic conditions

Muscular pain

Nervous system disorders

Respiratory conditions

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Hours of business: 10am-8pm Monday – Saturday

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