Project Description

Linda Shalloe

I can help you restore your mind, body & spirit’s natural harmony
As a qualified and experienced Complementary Therapist, I offer holistic healing therapies to help you manage a wide range of issues affecting your overall health and well-being. Each individual is given a personal, professional and confidential service.
The holistic healing therapies I use, help harmonise and heal the physical and emotional body, allowing Body, Mind and Spirit to function in a balanced and harmonious manner.
My aim is to look at your individual situation and review with you the range of options available. I can then help you to decide the best therapy for your particular well-being concern.
I will help you manage Pain in all aspects of your life, Stress, Fatigue, Depression/Low Mood, Health issues, Sleep issues, and many more. using gentle, safe, non- invasive, effective therapies, thus empowering you to make changes you need, helping you feel better, ensuring these changes become a permanent reality for you.
When you are relaxed and in balance, you are able to deal with the everyday stresses and strains of life much more effectively.

Angel’s Realm

I truly love how insightful and accurate Oracle Card readings can be, even though the Cards used may be seen as a magical instrument the real magic is within you.

Your Angels & Guides direct you, not the cards – they become a link between your consciousness mind and the energy of your Angel’s and Guide’s that help you manage or change any issues you may have presently, helping you deal with these issues in the here and now, with the benefit of finding real solutions to any of the presenting problem.

My approach to your reading is gentle and caring and you will always made feel comfortable and at ease in a safe environment, helping you relax and help you connect with the Angelic and Spirit realms for your higher good asking for guidance with your reading to benefit you at this time.

Therapies: Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy, Therapeutic CB Hypnotist, Teacher & Practitioner of Mindfulness Meditation,

Mobile: 0877548039

Address: St. Leonards, Saltmills, New Ross, Co Wexford
Hours of business: By appointment