Project Description

Ann Moran

With an emphasis on Women’s Health, Ann combines a vast knowledge of many complementary therapies and a practical approach together to tailor a treatment plan suited specifically to the client.

By rebalancing the natural systems of the body to help in the areas of Hormonal Imbalance, Menstrual Issues, Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Preparation. Ann achieves very positive results including pain free menstrual cycles, and alleviating the associated symptoms of PMS, by holistically supporting the female body.

Ann is a trained practitioner and a safe space is provided to help with any emotional symptoms such as fear of giving birth, and anyone who has been impacted by a difficult or traumatic birth experience through a specialised listening service. This debrief can help to release the impact that this trauma is having on the client in their current life.
Ann is dedicated to helping you have an enjoyable pregnancy and now provides Hypnobirthing to help you feel more relaxed, prepared and confident for your upcoming birth with her birth preparation package.
She prepares the body and mind for Labour and this can have the effect of reducing length of time spent in labour.

Ann can support and help navigate her clients through these events and has a fascination with how our emotions can affect our health, how the body works and has the ability to heal.

Ann has a unique skill in how she works and creates a healing environment which allows the client to step away from the stress of everyday life, and all her clients receive exceptional care..

Aromatherapy Massage Reflexology
Nutrition for Women’s Health Emotional Healing

For more information or an appointment, give Ann a call,
Mobile: 087 170 90 24