Project Description

Ann Moran

Ann has over 20 years experience treating people in the complementary health field,both working in Ireland and abroad, where her fascination for the effect emotions have on our health, how the body works and has the ability to heal started.
She qualified in Aromatherapy, Reiki and Reflexology.
Ann also brings her skills to the area of support for those with fertility issues, and does this through the package she created
The Reproductive Reboot.She works with and supports those going through assisted conception also such as IVF.

She is also qualified in Maternity Reflexology and her Natural Birth Preparation Program prepares the body and mind for labour, while also the length of labour time can be greatly reduced.

She has a keen interest in women’s health in the areas of Stress Management, Hormone balancing, Pcos, Endometriosis, and promotes the body’s natural healing abilities to help with these. conditions.
Ann believes the modern way of life makes it difficult to achieve optimum health and advises that we take more responsibility for our own health care needs, she does this by working with the highest quality supplements and through a combination of these and her natural therapies will help you attain better health.

Ann has a unique skill in how she works with her clients and enables the body and mind to cope better with the trials of life.
For relief from Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Upset, the challenges of Fertility or the pain of Miscarriage, escape to a calmer place and receive exceptional care.

For more information or an appointment give Ann a call,
Mobile: 087 170 90 24