Listing on Holistic Wexford

The HolisticWexford.ie Directory has been successful in raising the profiles of existing listees. Many have received a lot of business via the website. For other practitioners the holisticwexford.ie site is their online presence. Holisticwexford.ie is updated, maintained developed & promoted throughout the year.

How do I list?
You send an email expressing your interest.
• Following our communication when you, the practitioner, instructor or business has expressed interest in being listed I will forward an email form for you to fill [Profile details & Photo specifications] & payment information.

What does a listing cost?

The charge for 12 months listing is

  • for an individual practitioner • €50
  • higher rates apply to Retail Stores & Wellness Centres starting from €95

What does a listing receive?

• A profile on HolisticWexford.ie [Your contact & information about you & what you can do for your customer]

• The Subscription fee entitles the practitioner, a listing in the directory & another full update later within the 12 month subscription period.  After that updates are charged an additional €15 per update.

• As a listee your business, service and profile will be promoted on Twitter: @holisticwexford this includes 3 custom images, twitter optimised to promote you. For example, a general over view, your speciality, your most popular product or service, aspects you wish to remind customers of.

• The HolisticWexford.ie website is promoted offline & online throughout the year.

If you would like to know more. Get in touch.